< 2012 BMW 8-Series Concept

2012 BMW 8-Series Concept


Talk about BMW’s plans of bringing back the 8-Series isn’t anything new. Initially, it was believed that the production version of the Gran Coupe Concept would carry the 8-Series name, but the company opted for a 6-Series Gran Coupe nomenclature instead, further convincing folks in the industry of the need for another, larger luxury four-door coupe.

Turkish industrial designer, Ismet Çevik, feels the same way, which is why he created an image of what could be the new 8-Series. His image goes against the four door configuration of the 6-Series Gran Coupe and illustrates a true two-door Grand Tourer.

“It’s actually a real rival to the Mercedes CL. Because I think the 6-Series is not a full comparison to the CL-Class. I went a bit further from a CL, and also included Rolls-Royce and Bentley influences. It is definitely a 90′s legend 8-Series. High class, business, luxury and supersport. Created to be new legend for BMW,”

said Ismet Çevik about his concept.


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