35 Conceptual Black and White Photography

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Capturing pictures is one thing but incarcerating moments with a concept embedded in them is the true art of professional photography. There are many genres of photography that require specialized skills and practice, like selective color photography and high-speed photography. Another innovative category is conceptual photography where the artist aims to capture a concept or an idea.

Conceptual pictures have a certain logic and reason embedded within them. This technique can be either achieved via computer editing or working manually by putting the things in place which is the subject of the final photograph. The key is the placement of those things that build the concept and idea of the image.

Today’s post displays the pictures that blend the technique of conceptual photography and black & white photography:

Brand New Day

Pride and prejudice

Smoke on the moon



Life is life…


Crossing Lines

The Fugitive

Hair Illusion

The only way out

Aiming for

Shadows of summer II

Stop the Time

Walking’ on Egg Shells


The Harvest






Snakes instead of arms

Heather Mcclintock – USA

Sensuous Lady by Michele Clement:

Candy Cigarette by Sally Mann

Shot eye by Elliott Erwitt:

The Family

Baby Feet

Puddle in Rittenhouse Square

Single Teared Emotion

What’s cooking?

Struggling To Survive

Black And White by ~Inominatus

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