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Illustrating has been a passion of mine ever since Kerem could remember. In his homeland, art is not identified to be a way to earn a living, therefore it took a while for him to follow this passion properly, but since 2004 he have been working in a very self-displined fashion. Book covers, character design and fantasy-themed illustrations in general make up the bulk of his works. So to round off, He is a […]

KEUKENHOF - The Planet's Edengarden

Keukenhof? That’s the place to see spring blossom. The park is unique, world famous, and has been one of the most popular destinations in the Netherlands for sixty years now. Haven’t seen Keukenhof? Then you haven’t seen the Netherlands. You won’t find such an abundance of colours and fragrances anywhere else. More than seven million flowers form a glorious decor for the most beautiful photos. Each year over 7,000,000 bulbs […]

8 Amazing Wonders of Dubai

A building boom in the emirate has led to a whole host of chart breakers, in categories including highest apartment, biggest mall, and one of the world’s most unique resorts. Tourism is also being promoted at a staggering rate with the construction of Dubailand and other projects that include the making of mammoth shopping malls, theme parks, resorts, stadiums and other various tourist Attractions. Dubai is determined to be main […]

670 feet Tall World’s Tallest Arch Bridge in Dubai

They do things differently in Dubai. They like their material larger, taller, and more expensive than elsewhere. So it only makes sense that the highest arch bridge in the world is Built here (Dubai). This bridge, designed by NY architecture firm FXFOWLE, will be the largest and tallest arch bridge in the world, a mile long and 670 feet high. Construction is due to conclude in 2012 after running some […]

Azerbaijan Tower will rise up to be the World's Tallest Building

It is time for the Burj Khalifa (2,717 ft) to be dethroned as the worlds tallest soon as a new building “proposed for an artificial archipelago” which is being made on the shores of the Caspian Sea southwest of the Azerbaijan capital, Bakou to take reins soon. The proposed Azerbaijan Tower is said to be 3,445 ft tall, beating the proposed Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia by 164 ft. Built by Avesta […]

10 Romantic Pictures for this Valentines Day

As a truly stylish photographer, you can use your sweet photography skills to make your own Valentine’s Day cards. Maybe you’ve already chosen the perfect heart photo for this year, but in case you still need romantic inspiration, check out these creative pictures silly love songs lovesickness be mine love in every color I heart books hearts let’s run away love blocks Heart of hearts lonely heart wishes all […]

21 Beautiful Roses for this Valentine

Although some would call roses the most cliche flower to give to girlfriends, wives, etc, their spiraling centers and vivid, rich colors create a lovely flowing feel for photographs. Here are 21 beautiful rose for this valentine .. Wishing every one a very happy valentines day.. love forever..!!

24 Sweet Automobile HDR Pictures

I tend to like most photography subjects. To me, it’s considered an art and I enjoy seeing photographers who take it to other levels of creativity. There are those out there who might not agree but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and preferred interest. Either way, I think most would find these automobile HDR pictures to be pretty sweet. Enjoy.. The Night Stallion Ford Mustang on Felixstowe beach […]

The Uber-Stunning O-14 Tower in Dubai

It’s a 21 stories high tower and it’s located in the middle of the business area in Dubai. The structure of the building is made out of concrete and the façade has beautiful designs that seem to have the texture of lace, making the building be open to views, light and air. It has a modern aspect, lacking the normal columns and walls that are found in most towers nowadays. […]

Alternative Car Park Tower Proposal

AC_CA held an interesting competition concerning a new Hong Kong Alternative Car Park Tower. Mozhao Studio came up with an interesting project for this competition, that allows a practical approach concerning the distribution of public spaces in accordance with the integration of the Hong Kong City Hall, the second floor pedestrian system etc. The car park tower offers views of Victoria Harbor and Kowloon-and the best place to choose if […]

The BMW Welt invites you in the BMW World

BMW Welt actually means BMW World and the name of this building pretty much sums it up. The facility functions as an exhibition area and it`s also customer friendly oriented. Its location is in Munich,Germany near BMW Headquarters and Olympiapark. The BMW Welt exhibits the current products from BMW but it also functions as a distribution center for BMW cars. Apart from that the company decided that this place can very well host […]