Beautiful and Baffling Earth Photography

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Earth is a beautiful place, people. We live in a tiny rock that has plenty life, awesome nature, stunning colors, and most times we don’t appreciate it at all, losing time complaining about insignificant little things.

Whenever you get crazy about your routine, simply take a walk. Go on a trip. Get to know your city, your state. There’s plenty beauty around you, and it just takes your will for you to see it all. These are a set of beautiful photographs to remind us how Earth is awesome, and that we’re definitely blessed for living in such a place. These were taken by some seriously good photographers, and I really recommend you to visit their portfolio, by clicking each image, to check much more of their work. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. 😉

Hans J. Hansen

Leitisvatn [Explored 12.12.11]

Michael Menefee

Lunar Eclipse Landscape

big fat grey cat

the last sunshine.


Ander Elexpuru

Pirineoak - Larra/Belagua


Closing flow

Erik Page

Lenticular Clouds Over Longs Peak

Flash Parker

North East Entrance, Yellowstone National Park, Montana, USA.

Ron Guernsey

Winter Morning @ Split Rock Lighthouse

Osamh Alshaalan

Just Let It GO [Explored]

Stefano Trucco

Big sunset

Tom Grubbe

Sunset Melody II

Raymond Cunningham

HDR Clouds - Morning light

Steve Kody

Photo Finish - Racetrack - Death Valley


star ship from Galaxy ????

Quan Nguyen Hong

Heaven is here...... Ô Quy H? [ Explored ]


Golden morning on the rapeseed field ????

Lincoln Harrison

Smoke on the Water

Ricardo Liberato

Durdle Door

Gareth Codd


Trey Ratcliff

The Solstice

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