Beautiful and Outstanding Maldives Photography

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South hemisphere, let’s get depressed! I’m done with winter, and can’t wait for summer time…. seriously. I found these awesome pictures of the Maldives and got really depressed because I can’t be there right now, enjoying all of it.

But of course that if you live in the north hemisphere you ‘re enjoying your summer right now… so be happy. And also, be happy by checking these amazing pictures of an amazing place. These were taken by some fantastic photographers, so you really should visit their portfolios for more great images! Have a great summer, north. Please, don’t forget me when cold get me killed. 😉

Mohamed Iujaz Zuhair

Angaga Island Resort & Spa, Maldives

ruud kunkels

Maldives, paradise


Maldives 2011

James O’Gorman

Vakarufalhi, Maldives, Indian Ocean

Nic Adler


ruud kunkels

Maldives, before another storm

Sidath Senanayake

Sunset in the Maldives



Marcin Baranowski


Han Cheng Tan


Han Cheng Tan


Badr Naseem

Storm at Baa Atoll Maldives

Frans van der Lee


Rishwan (Richy)

? ? ? Beautiful Maldives   ~-_-~


Maldives 1981

Husain Rasheed


Sarah Ackerman


Christopher Charles White

Maldives Four Seasons Resort


Maldives, a place you want to be

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