Beautiful Houses Week #35: House on the Cliff by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

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The idea in this series is to show beautiful and inspiring houses. Houses that are remarkable for its design, elegance, elements, concept or simply because they are beautiful. So if you like architecture, interior design and beautifully designed houses, you are at the right spot. Check out this week beautiful house and stay tuned for more…

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos have designed a house on a cliffside near the Spanish town of Calp.

The extremely steep plot of land offers such spectacular sea views that it invites one to spend time, relax and do nothing.

A piece is incrusted into the sloping land, maintaining its natural profile which is overshadowed by the house on top.
Under the sunlight, the swimming-pool is closer to the sea and a quiet cove.
In the point of inflection, the stairway posits an evocative journey, a garden on the basement…

Considering the steepness of the land and the desire to contain the living area on one storey, a three-dimensional structure of reinforced concrete slabs and pieces that adapt to the land’s topography was chosen, thus reducing earthworks to a minimum. A horizontal platform is created by this stone-anchored monolithic construction on the level of access from the street, where the living area is located. The swimming-pool is located on a lower level, in a flat area of the site. The concrete construction has external thermal insulation with a flexible, smooth, white grout lime coating. The remaining materials, walls, flooring, roof ballasting… are in the same colour, underscoring the homogeneous character.


Architecture: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Photography: Diego Opazo

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