< Beautiful Photography of Dubai by GOst RiDr

Beautiful Photography of Dubai by GOst RiDr

These are a few examples of how Amazing visiting Dubai might be. These pictures were taken by GOst RiDr, The photographer who captured the perfect picture of the landscape of Dubai night life. I really recommend you to visit his portfolio for more of his work, and I’m pretty sure you may even get to buy some prints. Who wouldn’t love getting some of these hanging in their wall? I know I would. I hope you enjoy these and visit Dubai sometime soon. Cheers! 😉

More Information: http://500px.com/GostRidr


01_fAciNg A GiAnt

02_ULtiMate MaRinA

04_tHe LiGht PaTh

05_EyEs OpeNer

06_PLanEt MaRinA II

07_PLanEt MaRinA


09_The tOwer NexT dOOr

10_HiGh BLooD PreSSure


12_MaRina BLues


14_DuBai PLanEt

15_PlaNet DuBai

16_On tOp i BeLOng




20_La vOiLe

03_gOLdeN pAtHs


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