< Bu Tinah Island – Abu Dhabi : The pride of Middle East

Bu Tinah Island – Abu Dhabi : The pride of Middle East


A testimony to the strength and beauty of nature, Bu Tinah surprises the world with an explosion of life and colour. The island’s unique habitat and species includes coral reefs, sea turtles, and the amazing dugong, a gentle dolphin-like creature that grazes on sea grass.

Bu Tinah is a small island in the middle of the formation of reefs and seagrass beds are an area of ​​about 25 km south and 35 north Zirku Marawah in the UAE is as undisturbed by humans and which is protected as an island off the coast of Abu Dhabi.As part of the Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve, Bu Tinah’s extensive network of shoals, reefs, lagoons and sandbars enjoy some degree of protection but remained threatened by rapid development in and around the UAE.

Bu Tinah Island, rich in biodiversity, lies at the Marine Biosphere Reserve Marawah with an area of ​​more than 4,000 sq. km. Biosphere Reserves is the first and largest UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve of the sea.

Bu Tinah’s thriving ecosystem forms a unique living laboratory with key significance for climate change research. An undisturbed paradise, Bu Tinah has much to teach mankind about environmental protection and survival. This distinctive natural habitat has shallow waters, seagrass beds and tall mangroves, set amid extensive coral reefs. It hosts beautiful and endangered marine life. Seabirds, including flamingos and osprey, various species of dolphins and the critically endangered hawksbill turtle live in Bu Tinah. The island’s waters host the world’s second-largest population of dugong, a large marine mammal that is threatened worldwide.

Bu Tinah, as well as the Galapagos Islands, Isle Jaeju, and the Maldives (the other candidates in the form of the island) does not place unsolicited. Admittedly, the coral reefs in Bu Tinah special regarded for his ability to grow rapidly despite always plagued the temperature pressure and salinity (dissolved salt content in water) to the extreme.

Bu Tinah is host to critical marine habitats containing internationally important species, as well as other charismatic wildlife. Seabirds such as the flamingo and the osprey, diverse species of dolphins, and the critically endangered turtles including hawksbills and greens can all be found in and around Bu Tinah. The island’s waters are also home to the planet’s second-largest population of dugongs, a large marine mammal that is globally threatened.

Bu Tinah is one of the candidates of the wonders of the world’s version of natural beauty, here too there is a place for those of you who like to dive with the natural beauty of the underwater.

If you are coming to Dubai or Abu Dhabi for work or or just for a holidayvisiting this beautiful wonder of nature might be worth your visit.  Located approximately 130 km to the west of Abu Dhabi, it is easy to make it here.  Even coming from Dubai or any other emirate, Abu Dhabi is accessible from car and within a matter of two hours or more; you can get here to see this natural masterpiece.

With colorful coral reefs, up to 7 meter high mangrove tress and thriving habitat, Bu Tinah is the ultimate destination that speaks volumes about peace and beauty that can be found here.

The sea birds such as the flamingos and the osprey along with diverse species of dolphins including Indo-Pacific humpback and bottlenose and the rare hawksbill turtle are some of the precious treasures to be found in Bu Tinah. Not only this, but the island is also home to the planet’s second largest population of dugong, a large marine mammal that is fast becoming extinct. All this makes Abu Dhabi  home to one of the best and priceless natural habitat.

Due to its great beauty and specially for housing some of the best natural and marine life, Bu Tinah Island was also one of the 28 official finalists for the “New 7 Wonders of Nature”. This was one great honor that brought Bu Tinah Island  immense publicity and exposure to be recognized as a masterpiece of nature.

All this, combined with the exciting and fun filled life of Abu Dhabi with a short distance to Dubai, make Bu Tinah Island a place to be seen. With so much to do to make your time in the Emirates more enjoyable and paying, coming here is an unforgettable experience that you will want to go through once more in your life!


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