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I Use Eyes As A Canvas For My Art [Eye Makeup]

It’s a case of blink and you’ll see it. You certainly wouldn’t want to moss such ‘eye art. Make-up artist Tal Peleg creates these detailed drawings using just every day cosmetics to draw stunning scenes on eyelids. Favourite movies, books, animals, musicals and so much more… Inspiration is all around me, and I choose my favourite themes, give it my own unique interpretation, and turn it into colourful eye-artistry designs. […]

Fashion Photography by Baard Lunde

Baard Lunde is a talented photographer based in Tromsø, Norway. He shoots a lot of beauty, glamour, fashion and editorial photography. Baarded works with L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar and Jalouse.

Fashion Photography by Jacob Sutton

Jacob Sutton is a talented photographer and filmmaker, who was born in 1979 in Bath, England, raised in New York and currently based in London. He received his degree in photography at London College of Printing. He has contributed to publications including US Vogue, British Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue, W Magazine, Interview, the Last, New York Times T Magazine, Numero, Numero Homme, 10 Men and Another/Another Man. Jacob shoot also amazing […]

Spring 2015 Hair Trends: Pixelated Hair is The New Ombre

What used to be a dreaded result of low resolution, has been making its way off screen for some time now. We’ve seen the blurred boxes pop up on everything from custom portraits to panties (yes, panties). But one place we never expected to see pixels?   X-Presion, a cutting-edge (no pun intended) hair salon in Madrid, has pioneered an interesting new pixelated hair coloring technique that has the internet […]

Beautiful Photography by Amanda Diaz

‘Wow’ was definitely the first word that came to mind after spotting these beautiful editorials by Canadian-based photographer Amanda Diaz. She’s able to bring this feminine quality to her work which makes her beauty and fashion editorials go the extra mile. The lighting, imagery, and colors are absolutely perfect!   Many things inspire my work from day to day. I could see an image in a childrens book or drive […]

Featuring Gorgeous Fashion Photography by ViCOOLya and SAIDA

ViCOOLya and Saida are famous fashion photographer and their creativity is beautiful and attractive. Their photographs provides the clear picture of Fashion Photography. Fashion Photography is one of the special Genres of photography which concentrates on the Make-up, Jewellery, Clothes, Shoes, Hair Style and other fashion items. The mission here for the photographer is to establish the special blend of these fashion assets. We are Vicoolya and Saida – the […]

Outstanding Collection of Eye Makeup by Kirsty Childs

As you can see at the link, Kirsty Childs is an outstanding makeup artist. And I mean a lot more than just her eye work. She can create realistic zombies and other ghastly ghouls to haunt your days and nights. But I’m especially impressed with her homages to superheroes, including Batman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man.   We recommend you visit ‘s portfolio on deviantART for more of her work.  

Fashion Photography by Matthew Tammaro

Matthew Tammaro is a talented fashion and lifestyle photographer with fine art backround, who was born in Toronto and currently based in Los Angeles, USA. via

Fashion Photography by Sebastian Cviq

Sebastian Cviq is a talented fashion photographer, who was born in 1984 in the Upper Silesia, Poland and currently based in Paris, France. He discovered fashion and beauty photography by working as a freelance photographer. via

Fashion Photography by Stefania Paparelli

Stefania Paparelli was born in Rome. After graduating high school and a long experience traveling and working through out Europe, first in the Uk and afterwards in France, she is now based in Sardinia, with her family, commuting between Sardinia and Paris.

Gorgeous Photography by Ruan Van Der Sande

Ruan van der Sande is an Internationally recognised celebrity photographer, specialising in Beauty and Lingerie. An English resident of ten years, this South-African photographic power-house has worked with some of London’s top fashion and commercial agencies, namely Premier, Storm and IMG to name but a few. It’s hard to believe that despite all of these remarkable credentials, Ruan is completely self-taught. He has never studied photography and has had no […]