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Beautiful Collection of Henna (Mehndi) Designs [Series 3]

It is a craze for almost every girl to get henna (Mehndi) artwork done on her! On a Wedding, celebration, Festivals or even casually Henna is worn as a style statement. There are almost no rules to create this artwork, today we bring a collection of some very amazing & creative designs and also some simple henna designs which you can try and flaunt next time you step out! Series […]

Stunning Drawings That Come Alive Before Your Eyes

Good art can conjure up a various range of emotions but great art does something more. Ramon Bruin, who hails from the Netherlands, is a remarkably talented artist who creates optical illusions on paper. He’s even got a name for it, ‘Optical Illusionism.’ It is a combination of drawing, photography, and the right camera angle that manages to give it the effect that he desires.   His mischiveous masterpieces cover […]

25 Best and Beautiful Underwater themed Paintings for your inspiration

Paintings by Ana Teresa Fernandez: Like everyone else, I’m easily drawn to the world of arts and visuals. When I see galleries of paintings in public like malls and bazaar – I can’t help but stop and take a look at some art piece which usually amazed me and feels like I’m content of just looking at them. Recently, I was scanning (I mean surfing) across the web when I […]

20+ Creative Artworks Made From Household Objects

Domenic Bahmann (aka Domfriday) is a Melbourne-based art director, illustrator and photographer. According to his bio, he’s always seeking new ways to see the world and his ideas are based on daily observations. In an ongoing series of playful creations, Domenic uses everyday objects and turns them into fun and imaginative artworks. You can find Domenic’s latest creations on all the major channels (listed below). You can also check out […]

Artist Turns Physical Gestures Into Beautiful Charcoal Drawings

Heather Hansen, a contemporary performance artist and dancer in New Orleans, has come up with an elegant and creative way to capture her dancing motions on paper – she gets up-close and personal with a big piece of paper and some charcoal. For the performance aspect of her work, Hansen invites observers to watch her dance on a huge piece of paper. As she dances and prostates herself on the […]

Stunning Monochromatic Exploration of Vertebrate Skeletons by Patrick Gries

Created in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, Evolution is an extraordinary collection of images by photographer Patrick Gries that tells the visual story of evolution through 300 black and white photos of vertebrate skeletons. Unlike a textbook approach to photography, the skeletons Gries’ photos appear to have been reanimated, artfully posed and lit in lifelike scenarios resulting in images that are both beautiful and haunting. […]

50+ Creative & Inspiring Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Thigh tattoos are mostly for women in terms of placement as they could be cool and even sexy if well planned and designed. Tattoos are attractive on attractive people, so it’s important to find out a tattoo idea that fits to your personality. There are plenty of choices to get a tattoo on the thighs, e.g., flowers, lace, ribbon, butterfly, dreamcatcher, etc., which are all popular tattoo ideas for women. […]

Featuring Mind Blowing Anamorphic Drawings by Alessandro Diddi

From sidewalk art made with chalk, to images in folded notebooks, we’ve seen a lot of creative anamorphic drawings in the last years… but the examples here still stand out from the crowd. Why? Italian artist Alessandro Diddi has created perhaps the most believable 2D drawings we’ve ever seen appearing to leap from the page. Even with a close inspection it’s hard to tell what’s flat and what’s not. What […]

25 Creative Digital Artworks by Android Jones - Dreams of Digital Imagination

Android Jones is at the forefront of the visionary art movement, a wave of artists who emphasize creativity as the foundation of consciousness and an agent of social change. As a digital alchemist, Android builds on the technical developments of past centuries in art history while pushing the boundaries of the imagination with new technologies and media forms. See Full post here

20 Mind Blowing Paintings by Yoko D Holbachie - Colorful, Charming and Disturbing

Inspired by popular culture in her native Japan and beyond, Yoko d’ Holbachie’s paintings are at once vividly inviting and disturbingly dark. Candy colored creatures with wormlike tentacles travel through fantasy landscapes. Elements of Kawaii, Anime, Pop Art and Surrealism blend together in tightly rendered works that pull the viewer in with bright, cheerful energy and hold on with strange, complex elements. Time spent with these charming beasts elicits questions […]