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The Incredible Digital Paintings of Serge Birault

Today, we are featuring the work of Serge Birault. Birault is a French digital painter with a stunning portfolio. Most of Birault’s work features the same theme; sexy, naughty, wicked, and often armed women. Those of you who love creating art as well may also enjoy online art classes. Digital paintings like this are part of the future of art. Please take a moment to review some of Birault’s amazing […]

Marvelous Mural Art by El Mac and Retna

Seriously, I believe El Mac and Retna are probably the best partnership since Batman and Robin. These two guys can make some really outstanding mural paintings, it’s like one completes the work of the other and the result is a powerful combination of colors and striking lines. You should definetely check more about both of them, so here’s some links: Retna Website and El Mac Website. Gracias La Vida (2009) […]

The Creative Artwork by drfranken

Some of the most fantastic illustrations you will find are of DrFranken. Drfranken is a freelancer illustrator, animator and graphic designer from Madrid, Spain. His galleries are filled with great stuff and he can walk beautifully between several art directions, creating amazing pieces in any way he goes. He simply has several kinds of work, to please multiple tastes. As I made only a brief selection from his work, I […]

2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 [Full Commercial Video]

The wait is over ladies and gentlemen: Lamborghini’s next hypercar has made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, and dare we say what a hypercar it is! The new Bull God will feature an earth shattering 700hp V12 and the highest power to weight ratio of any car in its class. Yes, this is the new, long waited Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. Lamborghini is really good at creating sinister […]

Amazingly Creepy 3D Drawings

Perspective in drawings creating 3D scenes in not something new. We’ve seen some cool examples of that through out the years, but I just got to see something really fresh and amazingly creepy. These eerie drawings are the work of Wladimir Inostroza, also known as Fredo. He’s a Chilean illustrator and he sures likes his work jumping at him. I wonder if anyone else would place a creepy old man […]

The Colossal and Notable Graffiti by Blu

I don’t know exactly what makes a artist most admirable: if is his artwork or the efforts and risks he takes to realize it. Well, Blu probably has this two caracteristics, making giant artworks on high buildings, walls and big structures around the globe. They may be beatiful and well done, however probably the main purpose of his paintings it’s to share a strong opinion about some delicated issue like […]

Kickass Illustrations by Alex Garner

Comic art takes a big role in illustration for us. It’s impossible to showcase high quality pieces and not show comic artists once in a while (or all the time). Today, it’s Alex Garner’s turn. He’s done pieces for both major comics houses (DC and Marvel) and a bunch more for other clients. His covers which are pretty much badass, were done with awesome style and technique. For more of […]