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2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang – 500 HP, 5.2 litre V8

The wait is finally over. After months of spy shots, rumor and innuendo, Ford has officially pulled the wraps off its new Shelby GT350. Judging by the spec sheet and the promises being made – especially that the Shelby GT350 will be “an all-day track car that’s also street legal” – the wait appears to have been worth it. “Ford promises more than 500 horsepower and a torque peak above […]

The Sneak-Peek: Top 5 Sky Events of 2014

The New Year promises a pair of lunar disappearing acts and a potential surprise meteor shower, among other celestial delights. While scores of amazing astronomical phenomena are in the offing, here are our picks for sky-watching events worth circling on your calendar for 2014. . 1. Total Eclipse of the Moon This year sky-watchers will have two chances to witness the simplest and most widely shared of sky shows—a total […]

Skydiver Felix Baumgartner Lands on Earth after Stratosphere Jump

Extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner landed safely on Earth after a 24-mile / 39-km jump from high the stratosphere in a dramatic, daring feat that may also have marked the world’s first supersonic skydive. Mike Todd, Red Bull Stratos Life Support Engineer Check out how it all worked: MISSION POSSIBLE Mission Accomplished – Red Bull Stratos – World Record Freefall Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128k’ – Mission Highlights Complete Jump […]

SpaceX Dragon Launches first Commercial Flight

A new chapter has been written in the history of space exploration with the successful launch of the first commercial cargo flight to the International Space Station (ISS). The reusable unmanned freighter Dragon was lifted into orbit today at 8:35 PM EDT (October 8, 0135 GMT) by a Falcon 9 booster from the Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida and is scheduled to rendezvous […]

Canon Announces the 4K-capable EOS-1D C full-frame DSLR and EOS C500 Cinema Camera

Canon has gone on a 4K (4096 x 2160) frenzy unveiling two 4K-shooters – the EOS 1D C DSLR and the Cinema EOS C500 cinema camera. Granted, 4K resolution monitors aren’t exactly a boom on the market just yet, but Canon is starting to give creatives the means to start creating for the new ultra high-resolution era. So, let’s take a look at those babies, starting with the EOS-1D C. […]

Angry Birds TV Series set to air this Autumn, Will Reveal Where all that Anger Comes From

After the success the Angry Birds game series has achieved, it’s only logical to see Rovio try out and push the franchise onto other mediums. According to Rovio’s chief of animation, Nick Dorra, the Angry Birds characters will star in 52 episodes, each being two-and-a-half to three minutes long. Unlike the games, the TV series won’t be just about recklessly bashing pigs around. No, according to Dorra, we will find […]

Ark Takes the Art of People Search a Step further than Facebook and Google

Social networking has boomed in the last years, but searching people isn’t taking a great part in either Facebook’s or Google’s strategies. This is where Ark comes in. Funded by start-up pusher Y Combinator, Ark helps you do people searches a bunch of different social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Orkut and MySpace. And it does it by making use of search filters, which Facebook restricts you from using. […]

The Head office of Facebook

Employees of Facebook based in the new office in Palo Alto, California since 2009. And A big thanks goes to the joint efforts of the design studios of Studio O + A, Virginie Manichon, KPFF – Consulting Engineers, Air Systems Inc., Elcor Electric and Brightworks for a stylish and unique interior. The design of the main office is fully reflects the essence of the company as a social network of […]

The Rainbow Rose - a Truly Unusual Rose

These are not artificial roses! The Rainbow Rose is now available in the UK for the first time and although you may think that these weird and wonderful blooms are painted or artificial they are one hundred percent natural. Almost. Well, ninety nine percent. Well, OK, they have been messed with, but not, as you may expect, on a genetic level. It seems that there is a little science involved in this […]

Olimpiysky Stadium - The final venue for EURO 2012

The Olimpiysky stadium, also known as the Olympic Stadium from Kiev, is one of the largest in the world and its main purpose is to host the final of the Euro 2012 that’s going  to be held in Poland in Ukraine. After Euro 2012, it will function as a multi-use sports facility. It stands on the Cherepanov Hill, Pechersk Raion in Kiev,Ukraine. Although Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, the […]

The Shanghai Tower J - Hotel will open in 2014

The Shanghai Tower J-Hotel will be the highest hotel in the world and the second tallest building when it will be finished in 2014, being the tallest skyscraper in China as well. Its location will be in the middle of the financial and trade zone in Shanghai, Lujiazui, next to Jin Mao tower and Shanghai World Financial Center. It is 632 meters high and it has 128 stories. The Houston-based architectural designer […]

Gold Lamborghini Murcielago shows up at 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon

Gold cars have always found their way up here on Luxurylaunches. Be it a gold BMW , a Mercedes, a Dartz or a Inifinity , these blingastic cars have always grabbed our attention. The latest beast to join this fleet of Midas-cars is the gold Lamborghini Murcielago. This dazzling bull was parked at Liberty Walk booth at 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. Do you think that this life-size gold Lamborghini Murcielago overshadows the Gold […]