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The Secret Life Of Superhero Toys By Edy Hardjo

Hrjoe Photography’s playful and expertly-executed photos prove that superhero action figures aren’t just for kids. Edy Hardjo, the photographer behind the project, uses detailed, high-quality action figures to put some of our favorite superheros into hilarious and sometimes compromising positions.   After putting the figures into their picture-perfect poses, he removes the stands he uses to prop them and some of the more obvious joints with Photoshop to make them […]

Travel The World In This Magnificent 4K Drone Video

Whilst getting lost in day to day life it can be easy to forget sometimes just how beautiful the world around us really is, luckily for us however there are people like Christian Grewe out there creating videos like this.   Called “AIRTime” and filmed in 4K with a drone these clips are the end result of a 80,000 km journey filmed across 12 countries over a period of 7 […]

Underwater Ink and Metal Photography by Alberto Seveso

Bristol-based illustrator and photographer Alberto Seveso (previously) just shared a new collection of underwater ink photographs titled Heavy Metals. Seveso achieves the ethereal forms in his photographs by mixing ink with metallic powders which are then suspended in different fluids. You can see more of his fluid-based photography and illustration in his portfolio.   Artist: Alberto SevesoWebsite | Facebook | Instagram  

Tutorial of the Week #15: Bringing Still Photographs to Life - Parallax Effect in Photography

The Parallax Effect is also known as the Ken Burns effect, which is named after the filmmaker who made this effect his signature visual style in his documentary films. This technique is a panning and zooming effect that is used to create something like a video from still images. The zooming and panning across photographs gives the feeling of motion, which keeps the viewer visually engaged.   Here is an […]

Unbelievable Collection of Photos that Shows Angle Is Everything

So many images are Photoshopped these days that it’s hard to know what to believe anymore. But you don’t need to be an editing wizard to mess with people’s perceptions of reality. All you need is a camera, some willing friends and an eye for obscure camera angles. And as you can see from this list compiled below, when those three simple ingredients are combined correctly, the end result can […]

I Use Eyes As A Canvas For My Art [Eye Makeup]

It’s a case of blink and you’ll see it. You certainly wouldn’t want to moss such ‘eye art. Make-up artist Tal Peleg creates these detailed drawings using just every day cosmetics to draw stunning scenes on eyelids. Favourite movies, books, animals, musicals and so much more… Inspiration is all around me, and I choose my favourite themes, give it my own unique interpretation, and turn it into colourful eye-artistry designs. […]

Featuring Beautiful Landscape Photography by Lukas Furlan

Photographer Lukas Furlan recently shared a stunning series of travel photos on Behance; that he took last Summer and Autumn through various parts of the Alps. The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Europe, stretching approximately 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) across eight Alpine countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia, and Switzerland. You can find the entire series, Alp Impressions X, […]

How to Watch Tonight’s Supermoon Eclipse [27th Sept '15]

This hasn’t happened in 33 years, and it won’t occur again for another 18.   Be sure not to miss tonight’s supermoon eclipse by watching out in the sky to the moon, beginning at 00:11 GMT (be sure to set an alarm with your local time) and extending into Monday morning.     The supermoon eclipse results from the rare combination of a lunar eclipse, a point in the moon’s […]

Photograph of the Day: Not as It A-Piers

National Geographic community member Stephane Couture wanted to capture a new perspective on a familiar subject: this pier in Venice Beach, California, shot from above on a five-second exposure while illuminated by the headlights of a car. “My idea was to frame it with the shoreline to create this cross between the organic lines of the waves and the sand [and] the sharp, man-made lines of the pier,” he writes. […]

This Photo Series Shows How Instagram Photos Of India Can Hide The Big Picture

“A bit of negativity is essential for positive change.” Limitless, a Singapore-based tech company, uploaded an album entitled Broken India, which depicts a stark difference between an Instagram photo and the rest of the picture.       The Limitless team told BuzzFeed India that the photo series was done in order to highlight how India is a country of contrasts.     “While we have 5-star hotels on one […]

30+ Photographers Who are Willing to do Anything to get a Good Photo

If something interesting happens , scary or beautiful happens somewhere in the world, or if a small insect climbs a twig, it is likely that about a photographer is shaping the image for posterity. I must say, some are willing to do anything to get a good pictureIf something interesting happens , scary or beautiful happens somewhere in the world, or if a small insect climbs a twig, it is […]

Outstanding Collection of "Pictures Taken At Exactly The Right Moment"

It is a famous saying that Pictures are worth a thousand words, photographers are always in a lookout to create a difference in their captures by clicking innovative pictures. To click a stunning picture the photographers always have to innovate new ideas to give each picture a strikingly amazing look, but sometimes all it takes to capture the best shot of your life is to being present at the right […]