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Ansel Adams: The Legend of Landscape Photography

Born on February 20, 1902 in San Francisco, California, Ansel Easton Adams was a gifted photographer and an environmental activist. His iconic black-and-white landscape images of American West and Yosemite National Park made a mark in conservation of wilderness areas and establishment of photography in fine arts. via Photography Blog.

BW Animals Portraits by Lukas Holas

Lukas Holas is a talented fine art and graphic designer based in Frydlant, Czech Republic. He shoot people, animals, macro and landscape photography for about 6 years.

Black and White Photography by Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones was quite modest about his abilities as a photographer. He called himself a camera-man, not a photojournalist. Even so, Jones quietly built up an unrivalled collection of photographic negatives, illustrated here in stunning detail.

Beautiful Expressive Portraits by Lee Jeffries

I really love portraits. I think they are beautiful, inspiring and sometimes intriguing. And what I like most about them is that some photographers have the ability to turn them into really deep pieces, in something that communicates without saying a word, in something that we look and find a connection between the person in the photo, the scene, the atmosphere, everything. Browsing around Flickr I found Lee Jeffries’s gallery […]

Impressive Portrait Photography by Jose Ferreira

Jose Ferreira is freelance photographer, born in Lisbon in 1986, but has a current residence Algarve town of Faro. He graduated from the University of Algarve in Visual Arts where he had analogue photography for a semester, his only formation in photography. Despite his interest in photography have come even as a child, Jose begins to devote himself more to this area only in 2007 when he entered the higher […]

The Black and White Paris by Damien Vassart

Following the Black Week spirit I’ve put together some amazing black & white photographs here to instigate your taste for ‘black’. Personally I love black and white photos because they seem to capture the real scene of a picture without coloring it. Since they are not colored they give us the opportunity to concentrate at the image, the lighting, the context and the perspective of the scene. Today we show […]

Classic Photography by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Born in the beginning of the past century, Henri Cartier-Bresson was definitely one of the most important photographers of the XX Century, and it’s considered to be the father of photojournalism. His work has all the ingredients of good photography: emotion, sensibility and an eye for the perfect moment. Besides that, for being the first of a kind, there’s this pioneer feel to his work. For me the camera is […]

Black & White Snow Wonderland

Winter time is on, and last night the east coast got hit with a big snow storm that left everything white. So I decided to share some incredible black & white photography of snow wonderland. Enjoy! Gavin Dunbar Lens 92 Gavin Dunbar socks57 fede_gen88 Wiking66 Tobi_2008 sant.o andywon Wout VdV Philipp Klinger Aurélien VIVIER Mute* Subjective Art Zeb Andrews JenniPenni Andri Elfarsson

Beautiful Photos by Josef Hoflehner

Josef Hoflehner is an Austrian photographer known for his amazing black and white landscapes and also for his great and unique way of capturing the simplicity of beauty. With pictures that really get our attention for its angles, contrast and personality, Josef Hoflehner is certainly an inspiration for those who like photography. His website is filled with inspiring B&W pictures, you should really check it out. here “Josef Hoflehner takes […]