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The Modern Skyline of Dubai by Abrar Mohsin

The amazing Dubai is transforming to its best shape by every minute passing by, whether by architecture or by exploration. From its hidden historic gems to its grandest structures, we can’t help but appreciate this Emirate’s mind-blowing scenic expedition.   FEW LANDSCAPES have been so utterly transformed in a short span to the slice of coastal Arabian Desert that is Dubai. The southern border of the emirate abuts a region […]

Sea Sparkle Is Cloaking Hong Kong's Shorelines In An Ethereal Blue Glow

On the night of January 22nd, the shores of Hong Kong glowed blue with wave upon wave of beautiful bioluminescent water in a phenomenon commonly known as Sea Sparkle. However, this magical display, caused by blooms of a microscopic dinoflagellate called Noctiluca scintillans, was brought on by something less-than-inspiring: environmental pollution.   Noctiluca glow when they’re disturbed, which is why the blooms are primarily visible on the shores, where they’re […]

Spring 2015 Hair Trends: Pixelated Hair is The New Ombre

What used to be a dreaded result of low resolution, has been making its way off screen for some time now. We’ve seen the blurred boxes pop up on everything from custom portraits to panties (yes, panties). But one place we never expected to see pixels?   X-Presion, a cutting-edge (no pun intended) hair salon in Madrid, has pioneered an interesting new pixelated hair coloring technique that has the internet […]

Featuring Travel Photography by Abrar Mohsin

Travel photography, as many sub-genres of art and photography are, is largely undefined and encompasses a wide range of people, locations, cultures, and ideas. The Photographic Society of America defines it as “an image that expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographical limitations.”   Dubai-based photographer Abrar Mohsin spends most of his time […]

Featuring Gorgeous Aerial Photographs to Help Put Things in Perspective

It’s easy to lose perspective in our day-to-day. To get stuck in the minutia and forget that we’re part of something much bigger called the Earth, which is part of something much bigger called the solar system, which is part of something MUCH bigger called the Milky Way galaxy… you get the picture.   But while the vastness of the universe is difficult to truly capture in a photograph, the […]

Fascinating Macro Photos of Bees by US Geological Survey

The United States Geological Survey has released fascinating batch of macro photos offering intimate portraits of bees. The often-feared insects are photographed against black backgrounds in great detail, revealing large, shimmering eyes and rainbow-colored wings. One bee is even seen covered in flecks of vibrantly golden pollen dust. Up close, the bees take on a fluffy, and even cuddly, appearance.   Researcher Sam Droege created the photos by programming a […]

Fujifilm Announces X-A2 with Selfie-Friendly LCD

Fujifilm unveiled a small update to its X-A1 compact system camera. The Fujifilm X-A2 builds on the tilting screen of its predecessor by letting it flip 175° for easier selfies. The screen itself is a 3″ 920k-dot LCD.   Alongside the new camera, Fuji unveiled two new lenses for the system – the XC16-50mm II and the XC50-230mm II. The Fujifilm X-A2 features a 16.3MP APS-C sensor backed by an […]

Nikon Launches its first Touchscreen DSLR: Nikon D5500

Nikon has announced its latest enthusiast camera in the face of the D5500 – the first DSLR by the Japan-based company with a touchscreen.     Skipping over the D5400 (out of superstition perhaps), Nikon’s D5500 adds a few improvements over its predecessor D5300 – a new fully touch-enabled articulating 3.2″ 1,037,000 dots screen, redesigned control dial, more ergonomic grip, proximity sensor above the viewfinder that turns off the LCD, […]

Photograph of the Day: Casting an Upward Shadow

In this beautiful sunrise we see the shadow of Mt. Rainier being cast upward to the sky and clouds above. The photograph was taken by Redditor PCloadletter26 who says it was the last sunrise of 2012.   The view is from Tacoma, Washington USA. During Autumn and Winter, the sun rises farther to the south around winter solstice and Mt Rainier can block the first rays of the morning, casting […]

Photograph of the Day: Red Sun "An Evening in Dubai"

Dubai has the glitziest, the widest, the deepest… and Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building. This magnificent photo of a beautiful evening in Dubai, was taken by Abrar Mohsin. My affair with travel is for romance of the world and its surprises…I have no idea where travel is going to take me in my photography, but aspire to have that 1 photograph for which i will be remembered for […]

Photograph of the Day: Mt Rainier from Above at Sunset

Seen here is a view of Washington’s Mt Rainier at sunset. The photo was taken by reddit user -rabid-, who captured the east side of the mountain from his window seat on an airplane.   Mount Rainier is a large stratovolcano located 54 miles (87 km) southeast of Seattle. It is the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United States and the Cascade Volcanic Arc, with a summit elevation […]

Scary & Beautiful Photos of Incoming Storm Clouds

The sight of an incoming storm can be both beautiful and ominous. Below you will find a stunning collection of landscape and cityscape photos that demonstrate the awesome power of nature. Clicking any image will take you to the original source.   If any particular photo catches your eye, be sure to check out more from each respective photographer as their portfolios are truly a pleasure to browse through. Now […]