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WhatsApp Is Now Available on the Web

WhatsApp, the popular chat app, now has a web version, though you’ll still need your phone to connect to it.   The new web client basically mirrors the app on your phone onto the web site. To use it, you need to head to the WhatsApp web page, scan a QR code with the WhatsApp mobile app, then get to typing your messages from there. Right now, the web app’s […]

5 Apps That Really Clean Up Your Android Device — And Aren’t Placebos!

Spring is sneaking up around the corner and that can only mean one thing — spring cleaning. Android devices are sophisticated enough that regular maintenance isn’t necessary, but it’s still a good idea to clean out the system every once in a while. Don’t underestimate the impact of staying digitally organized.   The trick is finding cleaner apps that actually live up to their promises. At best, a bad cleaner […]

How Do I Manage My Android From My PC? Meet AirDroid 3

This isn’t the first time we’re writing about AirDroid. It was and is a great web-based client to manage your Android phone from your computer. AirDroid 3 takes things to a new level though, and if you aren’t already using it, it has got enough to tilt you in its favour. Apart from the web app, AirDroid 3 now also has desktop clients for Windows and Mac, which brings all […]

Best Action & Strategy Games Launched in 2014

So I’m taking the “Action & Strategy” category back to its (linguistic) roots. Dear reader, you’re looking at a list of Most Excellent Games that involve a) Movement, b) Thinking Ahead, or even c) All Of The Above. At least one item on this list is about shooting things, yes. Others are about puffing up real big and floating, or about manipulating rotating dots through space. There’s even one that […]

Peri Duo Case Charges your Phone & Has Built-in Speakers

This just might be the case to end all. The PERI Duo Case is an iPhone case that not only provides at 2500 mAh battery that will charge your phone, but it has two built-in Bluetooth speakers on the back. Features include Wi-Fi connectivity, multi-cast functionality, slim design, integrated microphone, and more. The PERI Duo Case is available to pre-order over on Kickstarter starting at $79 for the early bird […]

WP8 Concept Smartphone Looks Super Cool

Design is the one of the areas where we feel WP smartphones do pretty well. The Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 were considered by many (us included) as two of the best-looking handsets the industry has seen and virtually all of the recently announced WP8 handsets look equally as impressive. Yet when we saw the latest concept design posted on Yanko Design, we just fell in love with it. Inspired […]

Its Apple Vs Samsung Vs Nokia - Fans Strike Back

After all the hype (negative and otherwise) that the Apple iPhone 5 generated recently, it’s only fitting that we hear from the other side of the table. A response to the Samsung Galaxy S III comparison ad has been made by Apple fans, and Nokia fans also decided to join the party with a smear ad of their own. It seems that some Apple fans have grown tired of all […]

Here is the first iPhone 5 360 - Degree Spin View

A 360-degree spins is the easiest way to check out how a smartphone looks from every possible angle. And as luck would have it the guys from already have an animated gif of the Apple iPhone 5 rotating around its axis. This render should give you a better idea of what the new iPhone 5 looks like from all sides.

iPhone 5 officially Announced with 4-inch display, A6 CPU and LTE

Apple may be notoriously secretive and tight lipped, but the company appears to be getting worse and worse at actually keeping things under wraps. The iPhone 5 appears to be the most leaked handset in existence. Thankfully, the suspense is over, the next-gen iPhone is finally here and it does, in fact, go by the numerical title of 5. Just like the parts that have been circulating this is a […]

Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone 4S enter a drop test, only one survives

Samsung just brought the Galaxy S III to the market and it immediately had to face an Apple iPhone 4S in a drop test. AndroidAuthority decided to redo the drop test from last year, when the Galaxy S II met the iPhone 4S on the sidewalk curb, and survived thanks to its Gorilla Glass screen. Now, the Galaxy S III comes with Gorilla Glass 2, so it’s interesting to see […]

Samsung Galaxy S III is Official Now

Samsung has just unveiled its new flagship smartphone – the Android-running Galaxy S III. The ICS-running device has some big shoes to fill, but judging by that specs sheet, it might just be up to it. It features a robust quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex A9 processor, operating on an Exynos 4212 Quad chipset. The display is a 4.8″ HD (720 x 1280) Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen covered by Gorilla Glass. […]

Awesome iPhone Apps

Three, Must-Have Apps for An iPad Owner Back in 2000 Bill Gates surprised the sold-out Comdex crowd with the first tablet PC. The device got the crowd cheering, but the sounds of their clapping would soon be muffled by the tablet’s eventual flop. Fast-forward 10 years, Steve Jobs announces his rendition of a tablet computer dubbed the iPad. Today, the iPad is responsible for helping reinvigorate the once dead tablet […]