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How To Mirror Android Display to PC or TV

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to show some content from your Android phone on a big screen or a TV, what do you do? You usually just send the content to a connected PC/Mac. That works most of the time.   But what if you can’t send it? Or rather you didn’t have to? Well if you’re running Android 4.4.2 KitKat or higher (tested on Lollipop) […]

Best Action & Strategy Games Launched in 2014

So I’m taking the “Action & Strategy” category back to its (linguistic) roots. Dear reader, you’re looking at a list of Most Excellent Games that involve a) Movement, b) Thinking Ahead, or even c) All Of The Above. At least one item on this list is about shooting things, yes. Others are about puffing up real big and floating, or about manipulating rotating dots through space. There’s even one that […]

10 Portable Gadgets That You Can Buy

Let’s face it, we all love our gadgets. We love how they make things easier for us and how we use them for our day-to-day activities. It’s probably even arguable that we can’t live without some gadgets, as we’ve come to rely on them either for work or for house chores. Wouldn’t it be great if some of them were smaller, so we could carry them around easily?   Actually, […]

A Phone Charging Belt - "XOO Belt"

In the 21st century, the era of technology, we need gadgets and devices to make our lives easier. We tend to rely more and more on our smartphones and running out of battery when we are travelling or simply going out would be a tragedy. The guys at Nifty came with an innovative idea: why not carry a phone charger hidden inside your belt? This way you can always have […]

The World's Most Expensive Belt Buckle Is a Mechanical Wonder, Costs More than a House

Valued at a staggering $550,000 the Calibre R822 Predator is undoubtedly the most expensive belt buckle in the world. Curious why it’s called the ‘Predator’? Well, its Swiss creators say they chose the name simply because it “eats up every other belt buckle out there!”   The Calibre R822 Predator weighs 145 g, and is made of 18-carat solid white gold and titanium. It is adorned with 387 baguette-cut and […]

Peri Duo Case Charges your Phone & Has Built-in Speakers

This just might be the case to end all. The PERI Duo Case is an iPhone case that not only provides at 2500 mAh battery that will charge your phone, but it has two built-in Bluetooth speakers on the back. Features include Wi-Fi connectivity, multi-cast functionality, slim design, integrated microphone, and more. The PERI Duo Case is available to pre-order over on Kickstarter starting at $79 for the early bird […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

There are a lot of things that your cash wrap isn’t telling you because it can’t. If you’re still using a cash register, you’re missing out on a lot of vital information that you need in order to compete in what is still a tough economy. While people are changing their shopping habits, not a lot retailers are changing their selling habits. And those who are changing are really losing […]

How Barcodes Are Changing Child Health Care

A large percentage of children are being sent to receive routine health care (i.e. vaccines, check-ups, etc.) on a regular basis, according to statistics from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Because more and more children are able to enter the health care system, more and more documentation and medical files are building up in hospitals and health care offices around the country. Since many health care establishments had […]

How Online Aesthetics Impact In-Store Transactions

Your retail space and your eCommerce storefront might not be as far apart as you think. Even though one is brick and mortar and the other is digital, they’re getting closer to each other every day. This isn’t about how holograms will one day zap new clothes directly onto customers’ bodies. This is about how customers’ experiences online are influencing their expectations for a brick and mortar shopping experience. You […]

What Does Sound Look Like?

Adam Cole is the science fanatic behind NPR’s popular science blog Skunk Bear. In a recent post, Cole wondered if he could use a technique known as Schlieren Flow Visualization to see sound. The answer was a resounding YES! And the video below shows the fascinating results. Also included: a diagram of how Schlieren Flow Visualization works and animated gifs (from the video) that show what different sounds look like. […]

The 10 Most Innovative Gadgets for a Better 2014

Now that the dust has settled and the 2014 International CES is truly a thing of the past, it’s time to take a look at some of the products that were promised at the world’s largest consumer technology show. Remember, many of the items shows at CES are not quite ready for prime time. It takes months – almost the whole year in some cases – for these products to […]

Google's Next Wearable Smart Device - CONTACT LENS

No, it’s not an eyeball-mounted version of Glass. Instead, the Google Smart Contact Lens aims to help those with diabetes manage their disease by using a tiny wireless chip and sensor that are embedded in the contact and constantly measure the glucose levels in the wearer’s tears. Obviously they’re still in the testing phase — they’re even considering integrating tiny LED lights to indicate when levels spike or fall below […]