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Brilliant Campaign From Getty Images Shows Famous Faces Made Entirely Out Of Stock Photos

Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO has come up with a gem of a campaign called “Endless Possibilities” for stock image site Getty Images. Consisting of four print ads and a video, the campaign shows the collaged faces of Prince Charles, the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis and Angela Merkel made entirely out of creative images available on the site (no editorial images). The tagline reads “Millions of images. Endless possibilities.”   The brief […]

Light-Painting: Traveling Around The World To Create Fantasy Portraits

Kim and Eric have been traveling around the globe with their light-painting tubes to create the below amazing visuals. They just released their behind-the-scenes video that shows exactly how these beautiful pictures have been created.     Artist: Kim Henry & Eric ParéWebsite | Facebook | Instagram (Kim) | Instagram (EriC) | Twitter | 500px        

New Species of Unusual Jellyfish Discovered 2.3 Miles Below the Ocean’s Surface

In what looks more like a scene out of a James Cameron movie, researchers on a NOAA expedition aboard the Okeanos Explorer were filming with the help of an ROV in the Marianas Trench last week when an improbable creature suddenly popped into the frame.     With just a few wiry tentacles and a cluster of 8 brightly reflective orbs inside its body, this new jellyfish looks like something […]

Travel The World In This Magnificent 4K Drone Video

Whilst getting lost in day to day life it can be easy to forget sometimes just how beautiful the world around us really is, luckily for us however there are people like Christian Grewe out there creating videos like this.   Called “AIRTime” and filmed in 4K with a drone these clips are the end result of a 80,000 km journey filmed across 12 countries over a period of 7 […]

The New Water Floating Caravan Named “SEALANDER”, Which Takes The "Glamping" To А Whole New Level!

If you are a type of guy who enjoys going outdoors and taking long weekends out in nature, but not in some of those fancy hotels, but using a “caravan” attached to your loving muscle monster, then the following video that we have prepared for you in this article will be a bulls-eye! I know that names and terms like caravans, and glamping, might be strange and not really familiar […]

[Video] Watch a Porsche Race Car Barrel-Roll Nine Times

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to wince at Pedro Piquet’s spectacular off in his 991 GT3 car. In recent weeks, motorsport’s lower leagues have provided plenty of crashy excitement for viral-happy race fans. When off-road buggies aren’t front-flipping over finish lines, and Formula Renaults aren’t being sent into orbit, rollcages are doing their best in to win the undending fight against physics. This weekend saw another win for the mighty […]

Two Daredevils with Jetpacks Flying Around World's Tallest Building in Dubai [Video]

We now know that jetpacks aren’t just limited to science fiction tales. No, they’re real and as this incredible video shows, they’re amazing. Swiss ex-fighter pilot Yves Rossy, nicknamed Jetman, teamed up with parachuter Vince Reffet to wear jet-propelled wings and zip across the open Dubai skies.   The beautifully cinematic video features the daredevils, known as Jetman Dubai, traveling at average speeds of 124 miles per hour. They often […]

Ocean Gravity: Spectacular Footage of Freediver Guillaume Nery Flying through Swift Ocean Currents North of Tahiti [Video]

Filmed late last year by director and underwater cameraman Julie Gautier, this amazing footage shows free diver Guillaume Néry as he’s carried by swift currents through Tiputa pass, part of the Rangiroa atoll about 355 km Northeast of Tahiti. When you hear about strong currents near the ocean or large lakes, it’s difficult to visualize exactly how they work, or the power they carry. This film should quickly put those […]

Microsoft Introduces Project HoloLens - Overlaying Virtual Objects on the Real World

Sci-fi has always had a thing for virtual reality, and it appears that is not just fiction writers. In real life we’re slowly inching our way there, trying to get the augmented kind working properly at this point. With the Google Glass project on hold, Microsoft is up to offer an alternative with its HoloLens.     And a great alternative at that, if you judge by the response its […]

The Coordinated Beauty of Thousands of Birds Moving In Sync [Video]

Seen here is a huge flock of starlings (known as a murmuration), soaring above the skies of Utrecht in the Netherlands. While the science behind their uncanny coordination is not fully understood, what is known is at the individual level, when a neighbour moves, so do you.   Artist: Owen HumphreysWebsite | Facebook | Twitter       Flocking starlings are one of nature’s most extraordinary sights: Just a few […]

The First Wearable Drone that Would Fly Off Your Wrist

Have you ever wished your watch could turn into a selfie-taking drone? No? Well, if you did, there’s now a gadget for you.   “The Wearable Selfie Drone: Nixie is a wearable drone that captures your activities on the fly” It’s called the Nixie, and it’s a wearable camera that you can snap off your wrist and turn into a mini quadcopter. The Nixie is actually still in development, but […]

Shelby GT350R Mustang Breaks Cover in Detroit: Most Track-Focused Mustang Ever

Power comes from the most powerful naturally-aspirated V8 Ford has ever built.   Hot on the heels of the Shelby GT350 Mustang, which was unveiled in November 2014, Ford has unveiled the even higher performance Shelby GT350R Mustang. Ford are making some big noises about the GT350R, calling it the more track-capable production Mustang ever built.   “The Shelby GT350R Mustang is a no-compromise car in the pursuit of maximum […]