< City of the Week #18: Taipei

City of the Week #18: Taipei


City of the Week Photography is a series of posts where every week we’re going to show a city or location around the globe bringing the coolest photography samples of it. The photographs authors are all credited right above their pictures. Today feature: Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei City is the capital of Republic of China, commonly known as “Taiwan”, and the central city of the largest metropolitan area of Taiwan island. Situated at the northern tip of the island, Taipei is located on the Tamsui River, and is about 25 km southwest of Keelung, its port on the Pacific Ocean. Another coastal city, Tamsui, is about 20 km northwest at the river’s mouth on the Taiwan Strait. It lies in the two relatively narrow valleys of the Keelung and Xindian rivers, which join to form the Tamsui River along the city’s western border. The city proper (Taipei City) is home to an estimated 2,618,772 people. Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelung together form the Taipei metropolitan area with a population of 6,900,273. However, they are administered under different local governing bodies. “Taipei” sometimes refers to the whole metropolitan area, while “Taipei City” refers to the city proper. Taipei City proper is surrounded on all sides by New Taipei. Wikipedia

Country Republic of China (Taiwan)
Region Northern Taiwan
Settled 1709
City seat Xinyi District
District-divisions 12 districts
 • Type Taipei City Government
 • Mayor Hau Lung-pin (KMT)
 • Special municipality 271.7997 km2 (104.9425 sq mi)
 • Water 2.7 km2 (1.0 sq mi)  1.0%
Population (December 2010)
 • Special municipality 2,618,772
 • Density 9,600/km2 (25,000/sq mi)
 • Metro 6,900,273
  Population Ranked 1 of 25
Time zone CST (UTC+8)
Postal code 100–116
Area code(s) (0)2
Districts 12
Bird Formosan Blue Magpie(Urocissa caerulea)
Flower Azalea (Rhododendron nudiflorum)
Tree Banyan (India laurel fig, Ficus microcarpa)
Website taipei.gov.tw (English)

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*Yueh-Hua 2012

*Yueh-Hua 2012






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