< City of the Week Photography #21: Auckland

City of the Week #21: Auckland

City of the Week Photography is a series of posts where every week we’re going to show a city or location around the globe bringing the coolest photography samples of it. The photographs authors are all credited right below their pictures. This weeks feature: Auckland, New Zealand.

The Auckland metropolitan area, in the North Island of New Zealand, is the largest and most populous urban area in the country. It has 1397300 residents, which is 32 percent of the country’s population. Wikipedia


Population: 1,377,200 (2011)
Area: 1,086 km²
Weather: 20°C, Wind N at 14 km/h, 88% Humidity

Auckland New Zealand
By Catching Magic

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_02 @ GenCept
Auckland City from Mt Eden By Simon Lieschke

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_03 @ GenCept
Auckland Museum By nicolas_mt

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_04 @ GenCept
Sky City By darko82

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_05 @ GenCept
By Morgan Lee

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_06 @ GenCept
Orewa Shipwreck By Carly Williamson

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_07 @ GenCept

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_08 @ GenCept

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_09 @ GenCept
Whisper of the Trees by Christian Lim

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_10 @ GenCept
By shazzt

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_11 @ GenCept
By Lanki

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_12 @ GenCept
By Dara Pilugina ✈

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_13 @ GenCept
Western Park by Stas Kulesh

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_14 @ GenCeptTony Lim

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_15 @ GenCept
By Christian Lim

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_16 @ GenCept
By Christian Lim

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_17 @ GenCept
By Chris Gin

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_18 @ GenCept
Spaghetti Junction by Christian Lim

“Endangered” By Victoria Wright

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_20 @ GenCept
Colour of Auckland By Anan Charoenkal

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_21 @ GenCept
Auckland at night By Stas Kulesh

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_22 @ GenCept
Big City Lights By SW arts

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_23 @ GenCept
Small Lighthouse By Tony Lim

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_24 @ GenCept
Auckland Harbour Bridge By Hiren Vather

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_25 @ GenCept
Auckland Waterfront Night By Duke Mule – Photography

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_26 @ GenCept
View of Auckland city from Mount Victoria By hock how & siew peng

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_27 @ GenCept
Auckland University Clock Tower By Hoffmann

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_28 @ GenCept
Auckland Harbour By Jesper Bülow

“Little Guy” By Victoria Wright

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_30 @ GenCept
Maori Bay By Nazar Abbas

By Jason Hindle

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_32 @ GenCept
Port of Auckland By Stas Kulesh

City of the Week Photography21-Auckland_33 @ GenCept
By /ltus

Searchlights Over Auckland
Searchlights Over Auckland By Andrew Duncan


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