Gorgeous Smeared Skies by Matt Molloy

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Ontario, Canada-based photographer Matt Molloy recently created a gorgeous series of sky images by stacking multiple photos onto one. The individual photos are most often taken from the timelapses he shoots. The final photo has a stunning painterly effect, almost as if someone had taken a paintbrush to the sky and smeared its beautiful colors.

When asked at 500px how many photos it took to create the one seen above, he replied, “I’m not exactly sure, but I used hundreds of photos to create this one image.”

Like many, Molloy had used this technique before, for star trails, but only recently stumbled onto the idea to apply it to daytime lapses. In essence, they’re multiple exposures overlapped. “Sunsets seem to work well, as the lighting constantly gets darker. A mid day timelapse can get messy, but they can be fun too,” he writes. “I’m a big fan of experimenting. Much like this process, you never know what your going to get!”

Check out more of Matt Molloy’s work on 500px.


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