< Jeremy Clarkson’s Most Complained About Quotes [Infographic]

Jeremy Clarkson’s Most Complained About Quotes [Infographic]


Jeremy Clarkson is quite easily the world’s best known motoring journalist. His unique way with words make him one of the most entertaining, but also controversial, public figures out there. The man’s appreciation for good sports cars, his distaste for anything non-sporty and his entertaining presentation of such cars has won him many fans. But things haven’t been all rosy. You see, the man often doesn’t think before talking (or maybe he does but just doesn’t care), bringing him a lot of notoriety in the entertainment industry.

It should be noted that Jeremy Clarkson has publicly said that even he doesn’t agree with much of what he says. He’s an entertainer, and that’s it….

Jeremy Clarkson Most Complained About Quotes - Infographic

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