< Photograph of the Day: Beautiful Eyes "Frozen" by Ryan Pendleton

Photograph of the Day: Beautiful Eyes “Frozen” by Ryan Pendleton

For the lighting setup, I didn’t get too complicated on this one. I set her up next to a large Southeast-facing window and placed a large silver reflector under her face and to viewer’s left to punch it up some. It was cloudy outside, but that was offset by a lot of reflective snow on the ground, which made for this nice, soft light.

Frozen by Ryan Pendleton

Frozen by Ryan Pendleton
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Ryan explains about his technique,

I am a mostly self-taught photographer, taking knowledge and inspiration from countless others who so willingly post their work on the web and in photography books for others to devour. I’m based in the St. Louis, Missouri area where I enjoy various forms of photography including: portraits, self-portraits, landscapes, night photography, etc.




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