< Photograph of the Day: Not as It A-Piers

Photograph of the Day: Not as It A-Piers

National Geographic community member Stephane Couture wanted to capture a new perspective on a familiar subject: this pier in Venice Beach, California, shot from above on a five-second exposure while illuminated by the headlights of a car.

“My idea was to frame it with the shoreline to create this cross between the organic lines of the waves and the sand [and] the sharp, man-made lines of the pier,” he writes. “I love the double take viewers do when encountering this image for the first time. It usually takes a few seconds for them to really understand what they are seeing.”


Not as It A-Piers

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From a very young age, Stephane was stimulated by the visual arts. As a result, he started his career as a Graphic Designer in Quebec City, but eventually transitioned into animation and visual effects in Hollywood, CA. For the past 20 years he has brought his vision to multiple blockbuster movies like Titanic, Independence Day, more recently Hotel Transylvania and currently working on the latest Spider-Man. Stephane began film photography about 18 years ago bringing with him his experience in the digital world to digital photography. He loves to travel and see new places.



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