Standing in Awe at the World We Live In

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Prishtina, Kosovo-based photographer Blerta Zabërgja just reached out to us to share her passion project. Twelve years ago, she climbed to the top of a mountain and felt something that would ultimately lead her down a specific path. “I felt like, being on top fills me with life more than anything else. I could actually breathe and taste the sweet air there.”

Several years later, she found a new favorite spot, the top of a building. It was there that she realized that she was actually in love with heights, the feeling you get when you look around and take in all that’s around you.

[quote style=”boxed” ]One day (2006) I decided to take my new camera with me and photograph the sunset, but I just couldn’t escape from shooting myself on the top, trying to catch and freeze the feeling it gave me,… and that became one of my best self-portraits then, and later also the most iconic one!

Six years later (2012) I applied at a National Geographic contest with that photograph and from millions of photos submitted it was chosen by Editors to compete with dozen other photos of the week. After that, it was featured as the first one into the top 10 photographs of the week. Later I found out that it got on top of the month with the most votes out of hundreds of photos also to be published in the magazine. It seemed it’s concept was starting to grow alive! It simply loved to be on top, it felt alive there![/quote]


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