Stunning Abstract Architectural Photography By Nick Frank

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Nick Frank is ISO72. He was born 1975 in Munich/Germany. Nick is a freelance Art/Creative Director working in Advertising. He came into Photography late 2010.

What is the story and thoughts behind your work?
* It’s about self-discovery, finding something new or to interpret it differently, change the own point of view, leaving the rhythm and the usual paths. It’s about time, places, moments, but also technology.

Are you professional photographer?
* After a couple of paid projects I was able to breathe into professional life but I would not describe myself as a professional photographer! I haven‘t been taking pictures long enough, there is still much to learn. Let’s see what the future holds:)

What are your future plans for your photography?
* Decisions. Where am I heading? Artwork or themed shooting. Portrait or architecture. I’m interested in both. However, I notice it is difficult to expand in all areas at the same time. My gut tells me I need to place an emphasis on one specifiy type. As I have some ideas concerning people photograpy all I am missing is the right model.

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