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14 Inspirational Quotes Written In Beautiful Calligraphy

Meet Sean McCabe, a San Antonio-based hand-lettering artist and a host of a popular podcast on creativity and business aspects behind the design industry.   He tackles the art of calligraphy at a scientific level, writing texts in a way you wouldn’t believe were written by hand. And to make things even better, he uses his skill to spell out inspirational quotes aimed at motivating people working in the creative […]

Seb Lester Demonstrates Medieval Blackletter Caligraphy

In this brief video graphic designer and illustrator Seb Lester demonstrates a form of Medieval blackletter typography that was used commonly in Europe from 1150 to around the 17th century. From a person whose handwriting is almost completely illegible, almost every stroke of his pen looks like a complete miracle.   BlackLetter was used throughout Europe from about 1150 until the end of the 17th century. One of my current […]