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The 10 Greatest Muscle Cars Of All Time

It’s hard for a car buff not to crack a smile — or at least an impish grin — at the sight of a classic muscle car. These overpowered iron beasts were built to deliver a beating and to take one. They were always willing and able to burn some rubber. And they were anything but agile. Big, heavy for the time, loud and rude, muscle cars embodied everything that […]

Video: Transformers 3 "Getaway" Commercial

Save this date! On July 1st, Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon will hit theaters around the world providing the perfect opportunity for everyone to see the autobots’ new adventure in their attempt to save the world. And cashing in on this cinematic masterpiece is Chevrolet with their new commercial for the upcoming movie starring none other than the beloved Camaro. The new commercial is called “Getaway” and it reveals […]