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Artist Bring Pet Dragon To Life On Paper

Manik and Ratan are a pair of twins based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Both brothers are graphic artists, cartoonists, designers and animators. They both also have an adorable pet dragon named Drogo who interacts with real life objects. The adorable Drogo even has a Facebook page where you can follow him in his adventures.   The brothers draw Drogo on paper interacting with real life objects like a hair dryer, stacks […]

Featuring Creative Street Art by Charles Leval

The French street artist based in Paris “Charles Leval” makes beautiful drawings in black and white that he subtly integrates with urban structures he uses as essential elements of his works, a support freely available.   To find the perfect spots for his works, Charles Leval wanders around Paris taking measurements. He then draw his figures in black ink and inserts them around the city.   “I needed some place […]

Stunning Drawings That Come Alive Before Your Eyes

Good art can conjure up a various range of emotions but great art does something more. Ramon Bruin, who hails from the Netherlands, is a remarkably talented artist who creates optical illusions on paper. He’s even got a name for it, ‘Optical Illusionism.’ It is a combination of drawing, photography, and the right camera angle that manages to give it the effect that he desires.   His mischiveous masterpieces cover […]

Incredible Pencil Art of Celebrities by Tanya Musatenko

Sketches, in my opinion, are one of the most challenging mediums through which to channel one’s art. With nothing more than a slender stick of lead and charcoal, life has to be infused on the paper. With only the interplay between white and black, the myriad of emotions that the artist wants to express, must be given form. So it is exceptionally refreshing whenever we come across an accomplished wielder […]

Mind-Bending Photorealistic Drawings On Boards Of Wood

Ivan Hoo is a Singaporean artist with a talent for breathing life into anything he draws. His impressive attention to detail makes it hard to believe that the artist is self-taught. “I have always loved drawing ever since I was a child but I never studied art and am completely self-taught” “Then about four years ago I decided to further my knowledge in drawing techniques – in particular realism- and […]

Mindblowing Portraits Drawn Using Just a Pencil

Artist Diego Fazio (better known online as DiegoKoi) can do some incredible things with a pencil. His hyperrealistic portraits are so lifelike, many may confuse his drawings for black and white photographs. Born in 1989 in Lamezia, Italy, the emerging talent is self-taught; starting his career as a tattoo artist. He cites the artwork of Katsushika Hokusai, a highly influential Japanese artist from the Edo period, as one of his early inspirations. Each artwork […]

Artist Turns Physical Gestures Into Beautiful Charcoal Drawings

Heather Hansen, a contemporary performance artist and dancer in New Orleans, has come up with an elegant and creative way to capture her dancing motions on paper – she gets up-close and personal with a big piece of paper and some charcoal. For the performance aspect of her work, Hansen invites observers to watch her dance on a huge piece of paper. As she dances and prostates herself on the […]

Artist Creates Amazing Anime Drawings on Toasted Bread

Move over latte art! Japanese toast art may just be the next big thing. A Japanese artist by the name of Hittomii uses lightly toasted bread as a canvas to make these adorable anime illustrations. He first “painted” on cookies, but has moved from dessert to breakfast with these new creations. He shows us that playing with your food is a good thing! To apply the characters on his toast, […]

Featuring: Stunning Portrait Drawings by Vince Low

Stunning portrait drawings of some famous people made by Vince Low, an illustrator from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Follow him on Behance. . . Will Smith — Rowan Atkinson — Leonardo DiCaprio — Samuel L. Jackson — Jack Nicholson — Eddie Murphy — Johnny Depp — Morgan Freeman — Kimbo Slice

Featuring Mind Blowing Anamorphic Drawings by Alessandro Diddi

From sidewalk art made with chalk, to images in folded notebooks, we’ve seen a lot of creative anamorphic drawings in the last years… but the examples here still stand out from the crowd. Why? Italian artist Alessandro Diddi has created perhaps the most believable 2D drawings we’ve ever seen appearing to leap from the page. Even with a close inspection it’s hard to tell what’s flat and what’s not. What […]