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Guy Shares His 85-Year-Old Granny’s Polite Google Search And It Goes Viral

Grandmas are already adorable on their own, but when we saw Ben John’s 85-year-old grandma’s, May Ashworth’s, Google search history – our hearts just melted. Last week when Ben opened his granny’s laptop and saw her recent Google searches, he couldn’t resist taking a photo. In the photo you can see that Nanna May wrote: “please translate these roman numerals mcmxcviii thank you.”   The 24-year-old grandson found this so […]

Sticky Notes War Between Two Office Buildings That Got Out Of Hand

Post-it notes are an awesome way to leave someone a cute message they’ll find in the morning or be passive-aggressive at work when James leaves a mess after himself in the kitchen… come on James! But a couple of office buildings in New York stepped it up a notch when they started a full-blown sticky notes war between themselves.   It all started when an employee at Harrison and Star […]

25 Annoying Little Things

Ever had a pistachio nut that just won’t open? Ever hit your pinky toe against the corner of your bed? Ever left a shower only to realise that your towel is nowhere to be seen?   If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding “yes!” then this little compilation of annoying things is for you. Illustrated and compiled by Bored Panda, this funny collection of frustrating scenarios […]

The Most Unusual Bathroom Signs You’ve Ever Seen

Toilets get a pretty bum deal (no pun intended). They’re one of mankind’s most useful inventions yet rarely do we show them any gratitude. But Thomas Crapper (the Godfather of the modern toilet. Seriously) will be happy to know that some people put a lot of effort into their toilets (stop laughing).   Take a look at this list of creative toilet signs that GenCept has compiled for example. Sure […]

30+ Photographers Who are Willing to do Anything to get a Good Photo

If something interesting happens , scary or beautiful happens somewhere in the world, or if a small insect climbs a twig, it is likely that about a photographer is shaping the image for posterity. I must say, some are willing to do anything to get a good pictureIf something interesting happens , scary or beautiful happens somewhere in the world, or if a small insect climbs a twig, it is […]

When a Photographer is Having Fun with his Favorite Toys

“Pretty mature way to keep the candy just for you, Buzz.” That’s just one of the funny stories photographer Daniel Cerejo has captured on his Instagram. Using toys from the classic Pixar movie Toy Story, like Mr. Potato Head, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, as well as pop culture characters Batman, Kermit the Frog and Yoda, Cerejo puts a hilarious spin on the characters as they encounter life in the real […]

20 Amazing Life Hacks To Make Parenting More Fun

As wonderful and important as children are, raising them can be a whole lot of work. From changing your babies’ diapers and dealing with their childish tantrums to keeping your teens out of trouble and… dealing with their childish tantrums, parenting can take a toll on parents.   Fortunately, the internet has come up with a bunch of tips, tricks and life hacks to help make mommies’ and daddies’ lives […]