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Guy Shares His 85-Year-Old Granny’s Polite Google Search And It Goes Viral

Grandmas are already adorable on their own, but when we saw Ben John’s 85-year-old grandma’s, May Ashworth’s, Google search history – our hearts just melted. Last week when Ben opened his granny’s laptop and saw her recent Google searches, he couldn’t resist taking a photo. In the photo you can see that Nanna May wrote: “please translate these roman numerals mcmxcviii thank you.”   The 24-year-old grandson found this so […]

50+ Amazing Finds on Google Earth [MASTER COLLECTION]

Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program.   It maps the Earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and geographic information system (GIS) 3D globe. Just like their data-rich Maps and Street View offerings, Google Earth is a treasure trove of oddities.   You’ve no doubt already come across some interesting finds on Google Earth. The post below attempts to compile […]

Google's Next Wearable Smart Device - CONTACT LENS

No, it’s not an eyeball-mounted version of Glass. Instead, the Google Smart Contact Lens aims to help those with diabetes manage their disease by using a tiny wireless chip and sensor that are embedded in the contact and constantly measure the glucose levels in the wearer’s tears. Obviously they’re still in the testing phase — they’re even considering integrating tiny LED lights to indicate when levels spike or fall below […]

What World's Biggest 12 Websites Looked Like at the Beginning

Even the greatest among us had humble beginnings. This is just as true for websites, however, as it is for people. Even online giants like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were once itty-bitty websites with monochrome homepages, poorly-thought-out logos and boring or stark turn-of-the-century designs. Mashable, which collected the old homepages from the Wayback Machine, even included their own site on the list. Check out these images to see how […]

Roundup of 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Facebook Addicts

Facebook has its own identity worldwide, and many of us have become addicted to it. The most popular Social Media giant has proved itself by gathering millions of people from all over the world. With timely update, Facebook keeps itself interest and people love to spend their time on it. Well, it’s popular, hence it has its adverse effects – people have become lazy and so prone to it and […]

Google Announces Project Glass (Reality Glasses), Lets you Peek into the Future

File it in under unlikely to happen soon, but the Project Glass that Google just unveiled is one of the most exciting pieces of technology we have seen recently. Started by a group of Google employees, the project aims to make organizing your daily routines and sharing stuff with your friends as easier than it has even been. Forget about using smartphones – all you need is a futuristic looking […]

The Best Google Doodles of 2011 - A Compilation of the most Creative Google Logos

This year, more than ever, visiting Google’s homepage became a bit of a surprise. Google Doodles have come a long way from the first one, which showed Burning Man’s iconic logo. It’s now become customary to the search engine’s homepage, and last year, we saw many that were colorful, interactive and crazy. Here are just some of the Google Doodles of 2011. Which is your favorite? Let us know in […]

What it Takes to get One at Google [Infographic]

Named one of the best companies to work for (more than once) according to Forbes, there are definitely a lot of perks working for the technology giant, Google. If you are a person with a drive and a passion to innovate, getting a job at Google might be of interest to you. Some of the perks you can expect if your job application is successful include, free meals in its […]

Chrome Web Store gets a Facelift, Looks Even Better than Before

Just like the Android Market a few months back, Google has updated the Chrome Web Store with a new design that mirrors the square shapes of the new Android Market. The new look Chrome Web Store looks radically different from its predecessor and I must say is incredibly attractive. And it’s not just a fancy design as well but also very functional. For example, you can mouseover an app and […]

Google Plus already has 10 million users, most of them male

Well, that was quick – Google Plus has reached 10 million users already, despite being less than three weeks old. The influx of people was so large that Google had to shut down the invitation system for a while (it’s back up now). That’s right – that many people got in before the service is officially open to anyone. One problem though – girls don’t seem to be into it. […]

People outside the US can use the Google+ Android app by grabbing this APK file

While there were plenty of people charging to get into Google+, only US users get to try the Android app. Not any more – you can download the APK file and install it manually, regardless of where you roll. You will need a Google+ account for that and most people report that the loophole, which allowed many to sneak in despite not having invites, has been closed. Still, you can […]

5 differences between Google+ and Facebook

CIRCLES: On social networks, privacy is an important issue – especially the need to interact with specific sets of people. For instance you may want to share your Saturday night exploits with your friends, but definitely not with your boss or your clients. Facebook does this with lists while Google+ uses a feature called circles. Users can drag contacts into circles that represent friends, work, weekend cricket group or whatever […]