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Mind-Boggling Anamorphic Art by Sergio Odeith

Sérgio Odeith is a master of graffiti art and has been commissioned to produce incredible mural art like the ones featured here. But since 2005, Odeith has been wowing fans with another type of his work, which he names anamorphic art.   Painting on more than one surface, sometimes on walls lined at 90 degrees, other times from the ceiling to the floor, Odeith creates 3D illusions from his artform, […]

Awesome Light Painting - The Graffiti Skeletons

We’ve seen light graffiti before, but none as lively as these skeletons by Los Angeles-based Darius Twin (aka Darren Pearson). Twin began light painting since 2008, after seeing an image from Gjon Mili that captured Pablo Picasso creating a light drawing called Picasso Draws A Centaur.   Often times, people assume that Twin’s images are photoshopped, but they are not. He pioneered the light painting technique of spinning a glass […]

Huge Abandoned Ship "Duke Of Lancaster" Transformed into a Mind Blowing Graffiti Gallery

DuDug is an international street art collective that has taken over an abandoned ship on the beaches of Llanerch-y-Mor in North Wales, repurposing its deserted carcass as a large canvas for their graffiti art project referred to as The Black Duke. The once highly revered cruise liner known as the Duke of Lancaster was left to rust on a dry dock since 1979 and only finally approached and transformed by […]


Ocean of Dreams - A Graffiti Video tha Came Out from the Deepest Sea

A unique graffiti video from the deepest sea presented by the DESIGNWARS team who their mission is the share the inspiration and the expression through art. Underwater scences, lots of water and a tremendous video edit the this video into another level

Beautiful Mind Melting Examples of Light Painting

Light painting, or light graffiti as it is sometimes referred to, is a new frontier in creative photography. This is a growing trend on Flickr and other photo sharing sites. Often using extreme values for shutter speed (including keeping the shutter open indefinitely), light emitting objects become the paint brushes on a photographer’s canvas.   Photographers utilize their knowledge of the different colors produced by various lights, and how they […]

30 Extremely Extraordinary Graffiti And Wall Paintings

Graffiti and wall paintings appear to be more intricate than simple pictorial texts. They serve more than just putting simple ideas across to those who come in contact with them. They are more symbolic, and as in art pieces, are subject to individual interpretation. Some even serve to create an illusion to passers-by to stimulate their perceptions of the world. If you don’t really get what I mean, check out […]

30 Mind Blowing Examples Of Wall Graffiti Artwork

Graffiti is a text or illustrations scrawled, smashed, or sprayed on a wall or other surface in a public place. There are various types of graffiti and it is swiftly raising artwork among artists. Graffiti sorts from simple written words to detailed wall paintings, and has survived from many years; in modern time spray paint and markers are the common tools to compose graffiti. Today we have decided to share […]

Inner Vision – A Unique Graffiti Video!

A unique graffiti video from the DESIGNWARS Team who their mission is to spread the inspiration and the expression through art. Using slow motion techniques, tremendous edit take the graffiti art into another level.

World's Best Graffiti Artists on a Mission - Deserted Airplane Graffiti

Part of an art project, the cemetery of disused war planes in Arizona are getting interesting by letting graffiti artists paint on the plane. ‘The Boneyard Project’ as the art project called, has attracted more than 30 of the world’s best urban artists worked on five ruined US Air Force jets, vividly bringing them back to life with paint and colour. Disused jets in U.S. Air Force ‘graveyard’ Given new […]

50 Adorable Photos Of Danbo That Make You Go Awww!

So in this showcase, we are gonna show you 50 lovely cardboard sets. What? Yes, to be exact, 50 photos of different scenes with a lovely combined set of cardboards named Danbo. Originally created by Japanese artist Kiyohiko Azuma in his manga “Yotsuba&!“, Danbo was originally intended to be a fake and funny robot which a human wears a combined set of cardboards, and interacts only when other puts coin […]

5 Amazing Street Artists To Follow In 2012 [PHOTOS]

Street art is a visual art form that is done in the public streets. Often unsanctioned art that is done anonymously by a street artist. This form of art is often related to forms of graffiti artwork, sculpture, stencil graffiti, sticker art, wheatpasting and street poster art, video projection, art intervention, guerrilla art, flash mobbing and street installations. Although most street art is done for personal expression, there are some street […]

40 Amazing Examples of Incredible Photo Manipulation

Surreal photo is basically displays of a designer’s rich imagination of subjects which then injected into real pictures. Most of these surreal pictures are captivating be it pleasant or not because it is not what we experience in our daily life hence it is out of norm. Given it is not an event we could not possibly experience, it leaves a huge dimension for viewers to interpret what does the […]