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Outstanding Conceptual & Emotive Photography by Katarzyna Dembrowska

Conceptual photography can often move and connect with the viewer in a deeper and more meaningful way than traditional photography, because it is more than just aesthetics. It’s a story. A story that is seeded in the photographers mind, their artistic vision. It can often become quite powerful in finalization. This power, is what makes all of that pre-visualization, planning and thinking worth it. Featuring today “Katarzyna Dembrowska”, is such […]

The Future Past by David Emmite

David Emmite began his career in photography after a short stint in a diaper factory in his hometown of Paris, Texas. Inspired to get out of there and see the world he trained in Atlanta at the Portfolio Center and assisted in New York before eventually landing in Portland, Oregon where he started his own studio in 1996. via photogrist.com

Portraits of Superheroes by Benoit Lapray

Benoit Lapray is a talented photographer and artist, who was born in 1980 in Bourgogne, France. He is full time advertising photographer and retoucher for 7 years in France, in 2 different studios. Benoit Lapray is a talented photographer and artist, who was born in 1980 in Bourgogne, France. He is full time advertising photographer and retoucher for 7 years in France, in 2 different studios. via Fine Art Photography.

BW Animals Portraits by Lukas Holas

Lukas Holas is a talented fine art and graphic designer based in Frydlant, Czech Republic. He shoot people, animals, macro and landscape photography for about 6 years.

Mindblowing Portraits Drawn Using Just a Pencil

Artist Diego Fazio (better known online as DiegoKoi) can do some incredible things with a pencil. His hyperrealistic portraits are so lifelike, many may confuse his drawings for black and white photographs. Born in 1989 in Lamezia, Italy, the emerging talent is self-taught; starting his career as a tattoo artist. He cites the artwork of Katsushika Hokusai, a highly influential Japanese artist from the Edo period, as one of his early inspirations. Each artwork […]

Stunning Animals Portraits Drawn using Countless Pens

New Jersey-based illustrator Tim Jeffs has spent the past year trying to draw intricately detailed animal portraits with nothing more than pens and ink. Originally completing the spectacular sketchbook drawings as a pastime, Jeffs’ son Harrison decided to share his dad’s meticulous craft on reddit. After receiving a great response, Jeffs decided to set up an Etsy shop and continue to expand his portfolio. The ever-growing collection already includes an […]

Beautiful Expressive Portraits by Lee Jeffries

I really love portraits. I think they are beautiful, inspiring and sometimes intriguing. And what I like most about them is that some photographers have the ability to turn them into really deep pieces, in something that communicates without saying a word, in something that we look and find a connection between the person in the photo, the scene, the atmosphere, everything. Browsing around Flickr I found Lee Jeffries’s gallery […]

Featuring: Outstanding Photography by Paritoshika Kapoor

A good portrait reveals something about its subject beyond the immediate appearance of the photograph. It includes layers of meaning and depth that portray the person as a whole, not just the superficial initial impression. Great portraits give us an idea of who the person really is, beyond what they’re trying to outwardly depict. Featuring today are the work of very young and talented Photographer from New Delhi, India – […]

Gorgeous Portraits of Celebrities by Warwick Saint

International fashion and celebrity photographer Warwick Saint has a way with the camera. Somehow he’s able to make some of the most beautiful women in the world even more stunning and sexy. Born in South America in 1972, this New York-based photographer has now shot some of the famous celebrities in the world including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger and Natalie Portman. “I am passionate about creating photographs that […]

Beautiful Portraits by Matthew Priestley

A photographer based in Mesa, Arizona, Matt Priestley has a portfolio filled with stunning portraits. Manipulating shadows and light, each of his photos look like they could be a part of a magazine spread. Flipping through his Flickr page, you can’t help but see his progression, his experimentation with style and his growing emphasis on the artistic side of photography. Gorgeous and inspiring, to say the least, and definitely one […]