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Fabulous Portrait Photography By Karen Abramyan

The use of people in photography is one of the most important concepts in photography. Wedding photography, portrait photography and many types of conceptual photography make use of people or the human body to create an artistic concept. Featuring Today, Beautiful Portrait Photography of a Russain Based Very Talented Artist, “Karen Abramyan”. Almost 80% of his work is NSFW which for obvious reasons we cannot feature here, you will have […]

Simply Stunning & Gorgeous Self-Portraits Photography

Model and fashion photographer Anouska Proetta Brandon isn’t shy around the camera. In fact, take a look at her simply stunning self-portraits and you’ll think she’s actually pretty brave. I love her careful use of lighting, tone and color. I find that being a model, really helps with my photography. I love to photograph beautiful people, from my young cousins to my granny, to my beautiful friends/models. Since I’m a […]

Beautiful Conceptual Portrait Photography by Mariesol Fumy

“The very first moment I held a camera in my hands, I fell in love with it! I love creating emotions and life in photos- every one of my pictures is supposed to tell a story! I wish I could picture it all, but after 5 years of photography I am so not done yet! I want people to look at my photos and feel like ‘I know how that […]

30+ Creative Example of Sport Portraits To Inspire You

Today we are going to share some captivating sports portraits in actions. A good action photo takes your breath away for example if you internment a scene of a football player thinking alone for his goals or a hiker who is climbing a huge mountain just thinking about his objective. Take a look on these inspiring sports portraits and get inspired.   Divers   Unlimited playground   50 shot sequence. […]

Gorgeous Portrait Photography By Aleksandr MAVRIN

Aleksandr MAVRIN is a talented photographer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. His works are focused on fashion portraits and nude works. You won’t be able to see his NSFW works here anyways. If you want to see more of his work including NSFW ones, check out his official 500px, modelmayhem and photodom profiles below. Check out here some examples of beautiful portrait photography By Aleksandr MAVRIN…

Outstanding Examples of Self Portraits by 20-Year-Old Melania Brescia

Here at GenCept we have a soft spot for up-and-coming young artists and photographers. 20-year-old Melania Brescia is our latest discovery. Hailing from Málaga, Spain, Melania is a breath of fresh air with her highly intimate works that are full of life and emotion. Just like other exciting contemporary artists her age, what makes Melania so great is her ability to let go of her inhibitions and allow her creative […]

Gorgeous Portraits by Dmitry Noskov

Shooting outdoors brings a whole different level to photography – unlike indoors when using flashes and lights, you can’t change the brightness or direction of the sun. It can take a great deal of practice to master shooting outdoor summer portraits, and sometimes a lot of waiting around too – that sun needs to be in the perfect position! Dmitry Noskov is Russia based photographer, and his portfolio is filled […]

Portraits of Wandering Ascetic Monks by Photographer Joey L

Brooklyn-based photographer Joey L has spent years working on an amazing set of portraits titled “Holy Men,” which features religious ascetics from around the world. Joey traveled to India (for the third time) in March 2011 and spent a month creating more photos of wandering monks in Varanasi, the holiest of the seven sacred cities in Hinduism and one of the oldest cities in the world. The subjects are men […]

Featuring Gorgeous Photography by Chris Lambeth

A good portrait reveals something about its subject beyond the immediate appearance of the photograph. It includes layers of meaning and depth that portray the person as a whole, not just the superficial initial impression. Featuring today are Beautiful examples of Portrait Photography, by Chris Lambeth. According to his introduction on the website, he has been into photography for the past 2 years. Mostly doing photography at club / event. […]

Amazing Powder Dance Photography by Geraldine Lamanna

Particles are always something that makes photography special, it can be with water, ink or in this case powder. “Powder Dance” is a series of visually gorgeous shots by the German photographer Geraldine Lamanna that highlights the elegance and beauty of dancing with white powder. We recommend you Check out her portfolio on: Website | Flickr | deviantART

Beautiful Portraits Photography by Angel Vargas

Angel Vargas is a graphic designer based in Pontevedra, Spain and he’s passionate about photography. Angel’s advertising work seems to have strong lifestyle feel to it. It was this work that caught my eye in the first place, couple that with some amazing fashion shots, with his Olympus E510 and now 7D from Canon. Check more of Angel Vargas’s work on his website.

Beautiful Examples of Portrait Photography by Artur Saribekyan

A good portrait reveals something about its subject beyond the immediate appearance of the photograph. It includes layers of meaning and depth that portray the person as a whole, not just the superficial initial impression. Showcasing today are Beautiful examples of Portrait Photography, by Russia based photographer, Artur Saribekyan. We recommend you visit his website & portfolio at 500px for more of his work. © Artur Aaribekyan