< [Video] Tanner Foust’s Record-Setting Practice Jump Almost Turns Into Disaster

[Video] Tanner Foust’s Record-Setting Practice Jump Almost Turns Into Disaster

By now we’ve seen the footage of Tanner Foust, aka Hot Wheels’ ’Yellow Driver’, and his remarkable record-setting jump for the longest of a four-wheeled vehicle at the Indianapolis 500.

The feat in itself is very impressive considering the dangers and risks involved in such a daredevil stunt. But while we applauded and congratulated Foust for his courageous derring-do, what we didn’t know at that time was that the whole jump almost never happened.

In a recent video that was just released by Hot Wheels, the company took us back to one of Foust’s previous practice sessions and showed us just how close he came to severely crashing his four-wheeler.

The video goes into detail about how a perfect jump is supposed to happen – Foust was supposed to hit the ramp at a speed of 109 mph and continuing to accelerate – and how Foust got it wrong on one of his attempts, a mistake that almost proved fatal were it not for the modified suspension system in the four-wheeled vehicle.

Check out the video and watch how a practice stunt that almost went wrong could have severely injured one of Top Gear USA’s hosts.


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