< [Video] Watch a Porsche Race Car Barrel-Roll Nine Times

[Video] Watch a Porsche Race Car Barrel-Roll Nine Times

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to wince at Pedro Piquet’s spectacular off in his 991 GT3 car.

In recent weeks, motorsport’s lower leagues have provided plenty of crashy excitement for viral-happy race fans.

When off-road buggies aren’t front-flipping over finish lines, and Formula Renaults aren’t being sent into orbit, rollcages are doing their best in to win the undending fight against physics.

This weekend saw another win for the mighty rollcage as 17-year-old Pedro Piquet, son of former Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet, walked away from an unbelievable crash during a Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge race in Brazil.

On the opening lap of the second race in Goiânia, Ricardo Baptista locked up while braking into a right-hander, careering him into the side of Piquet and sending the young racer off the track and onto the grass.

That’s when the 991 race car’s wheels chose to anchor themselves into the soft turf, sending Pedro violently into the air and starting a full gymnastics routine of tumbles, somersaults and cartwheels, with fluids and expensive race parts scattering liberally over the Brazilian landscape before the car came to rest nine rolls later.

Amazingly, given the scale of the crash, Piquet suffered only minor injuries to his hand, along with some bruising, injuries he later showed off to his mates via social media. Get better soon, Pedro


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